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Category Game Title Platform Year
Arcade Hard Drivin's Airborne (prototype, early rev) 1993
Arcade Hard Drivin's Airborne (prototype) 1993
Arcade Head On (2 players) 1979
Arcade Head On 2 1979
Arcade Head On (1 player) 1979
Arcade Heart Attack 1983
Arcade Heated Barrel (World) 1992
Arcade Heated Barrel (World old version) 1992
Arcade Heated Barrel (US) 1992
Arcade Hebereke no Popoon (Japan) 1994
Arcade Head Panic (Korea?) 2000
Arcade Heiankyo Alien 1979
Arcade HeliFire (revision A) 1980
Arcade HeliFire (revision B) 1980
Arcade Hellfire (1P Ver.) 1989
Arcade Hellfire 1989
Arcade Herbie at the Olympics (DK conversion) 1984
Arcade Hero 1983
Arcade Hero in the Castle of Doom (DK conversion) 1984
Arcade Hero in the Castle of Doom (DK conversion not encrypted) 1984
Arcade Hexa
Arcade Hexion (Japan) 1992
Arcade Hammerin' Harry (World) Irem M-82 1990
Arcade Hammerin' Harry (US) Irem M-82 1990
Arcade Hidden Catch
Arcade High Impact Football (rev LA3 12/27/90) 1990
Arcade Hippodrome (US) 1989
Arcade Hokuha Syourin Hiryu no Ken 1985
Arcade Hishou Zame (Japan) 1987
Arcade Hit the Ice (US) 1990
Arcade Hit Me 1976
Arcade Hit 'n Miss (version 2.0) 1987
Arcade Hit 'n Miss (version 3.0) 1987
Arcade hiphopmania complete MIX 2 (ver UA-A) 2000
Arcade hiphopmania complete MIX (ver UA-B) 1999
Arcade Hana Yayoi (Japan) 1987
Arcade Hana Fubuki [BET] (Japan) 1987
Arcade Hana Kochou [BET] (Japan) 1989
Arcade Hana Oriduru (Japan) 1989
Arcade Hoccer (set 1) 1983
Arcade Hoccer (set 2) 1983
Arcade Hole Land 1984
Arcade Holosseum 1992
Arcade Homo 1987
Arcade Hook (World) 1992
Arcade Hook (US) 1992
Arcade Hopping Mappy Namco System 86 1986
Arcade Hopper Robo 1983
Arcade Horizon 1985
Arcade Hot Chase 1988

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